Countertop Display for Coffee Pods

Upgrade your break room, lobby, hotel room, office, or waiting room with this simple, yet sleek addition to any table or countertop!

This condiment holder makes your visitors, clients, and employees feel warm and welcome with a fresh, personalized cup of coffee, suited to their individual tastes by offering multiple single-serve packets.

No two people are the same! Allowing your visitors and employees to customize their coffee shows them that you truly value their individuality, and don’t view them as just another number. This beautifully crafted condiment holder highlights just that!

It is designed to hold your very favorite coffee additives, like sugar, sugar substitutes, coffee stirrers and much more! These sweet single serve packets are just what you need to get moving.

The space saving, elegant design is great for staying organized in a hurry, while still adding a dash of style and class to your designated coffee zone.

The grab-and-go style is perfect for businessmen and businesswomen on the go as well as dedicated employees needing a quick coffee break after taking care of business.

The innovative and sleek design also allows your guests and employees to see all the options available to them before making their selection wisely with easy access to each single-serve package.

This appealing, glossy condiment holder is a great complement to any of our various K-cup holder options. It serves as a perfect accessory to any coffee machine, beautifully providing you with any and all of your serving essentials right at your fingertips.

Put a little pep in your company’s step by supplementing your waiting room with these unique condiment holders!

Your visitors will keep coming back for more. Give them more of what they want, with sugar on top.