Keurig K Cup Holders: Storage Ideas for Home or Office Use

In more ways than one, Keurig K Cups are a coffee-lover’s dream come true.Coffee Pod Display for Home or Office

It’s the caffeinated solution for an instant-gratification society. You don’t have to even wait for your water to heat up before enjoying a hot, delicious, personalized, instant cup of your favorite coffee.

With over 500 different beverage varieties, it keeps everyone happy all day long. Keeping it organized with Keurig K Cup holders sure helps get through rushed mornings and busy afternoons, too. Everyone in your home or office can finally enjoy their own coffee preferences in less than 60 seconds.

What is Keurig Coffee?

The Keurig is not your average coffee pot. Since its inception, it has completely changed the industry and is now in the top 8 coffee makers. These machines are designed to quickly brew a cup of your favorite morning joe.While they have the ability to brew other beverages including cocoa, tea, and even cold beverages, coffee is by far the workhorse of the Keurig brand.

Simply drop in a pod or K-cup of your favorite flavor, push the button and your hot brew is ready within 20-60 seconds.

Over 20 million homes now have a Keurig and they all could use Keurig K Cup holders to help organize their new obsession.

Move over Mr. Coffee, there’s officially a new sheriff in town and he has several leading deputies:

6 Slot Keurig Pod Display with Condiment Holder

  • The Mini: This is a personal size-brewer that is the smallest member of the Keurig family. It only holds enough water for one cup, takes slightly longer than more expensive models and is designed for only the occasional coffee drinker.
  • The Elite: This has a 48oz water reservoir, perfect for 6-7 cups of coffee before needing to be refilled. It is quiet, quick, and perfect for everyday use.
  • Special Edition Keurig: Take everything the Elite has and add programmable water temperature, and a digital clock, and you have the special edition Keurig.
  • Platinum Plus: This option is bigger with a 60-oz. water reservoir, rinse cycle, and hot water dispenser. If has the same LCD display, but is fully programmable to remember all your favorite features including cup size and desired temperature.
  • Keurig Vue: With a fully programmable color touch screen including strength and temperature control and up to 18 oz. brew sizes with a 74-oz. water reservoir, this is the ultimate in Keurig bliss. The Vue cups are slightly different than regular K-cups and are made in different sizes, so your coffee maintains strength no matter the size of cup. Vue cups are also recyclable.

Which is Better: Keurig vs. Coffee Maker

The coffee maker has been a long-time staple of nearly every countertop, break room and hotel suite in the country. You brew a pot, keep it warm, and enjoy it all day long.

With Keurig, the game is completely changed. Now you can brew just one cup at a time, thanks to coffee pods, allowing everyone in your home or office to choose their own beverage preference. There is no waiting for your coffee to brew, no coffee grounds to clean up, and less wasted coffee by throwing out half a pot you don’t need.

Coffee Display Rack with Condiment Holder on Countertop

Convenience: This is the number one benefit Keurig has over the competition: it’s convenient, fast, and easy. If you can push a button, you can make coffee. That’s it. No coffee grounds, no messy filters, no waiting for the water to heat up, no staring at a never-ending drip. It’s the ultimate in caffeine convenience. You can make a cup of any size, using any of the various flavored K Cup coffee pods. If that’s not good enough, now with the latest Keurig edition, you can even make four cups at

once in less than 5 minutes.

Efficiency: With a typical coffee pot, tired eyes around America stare aimlessly into an empty pot while it fills up drip by drip, now you can have fresh coffee in less than a minute (without that instant coffee taste).

These K Cups are a game-changer for non-morning people who can’t walk straight without a caffeine boost. And keeping them organized with our coffee storage solutions helps tremendously.

Coffee Display and Organizer Combo

Environmentally Friendly: Not only is the Keurig fast, but it is environmentally conscious in every aspect of a business. They have decreased 93% of coffee waste by eliminating wasteful coffee filters and put a stop to dumping out perfectly good coffee just because it’s sat in the pot too long. The K-cups and Vue cups are completely recyclable and the company has helped over half a million coffee farmers to improve their livelihood through Keurig funded projects.

Personalization: Remove the fights over who likes it strong, who likes it decaf, who is more adventurous and who can’t stand flavored coffee. With over 500 different choices from all of 75 brands including all 10 of the top coffee brands in America, everyone can be happy by choosing exactly what they want to drink. And if that wasn’t enough, our K Cup holders can come customized with an attached condiment holder to store coffee additives, like sugar and creamer, to make each cup your own. Even non-coffee drinkers can enjoy cocoa, tea, or iced options.

Keurig Pod Holder For Home

Over 60 million brewers have been sold as of 2016, and most of those are for in-home use. Using a Keurig at home is a great way to enjoy your favorite coffee and keep your family happy. Whether you have roommates, children, a spouse, or you live alone, Keurig has a solution for you.

The smaller pots and pods are perfect for the occasional coffee drinker. They’re small, simple to use, and incredibly easy to store with our Keurig K Cup holders.

The larger Platinum and Vue options can handle a crowd and make it easy to brew multiple cups at once.

Each Keurig coffee pack makes it easy to try different flavors, getting exactly what you want without wasting a whole pot.

Coffee Pod Holder For Office

Versatility of Coffee Pod Racks

The Keurig works perfectly outside the home for any type of conference room, break area, waiting room, lobby, reception area or hotel room. Its endless options appeal to a wide range of coffee and tea drinkers or can even dispense hot water for cocoa, oatmeal, or soup.

A Keurig machine available for clients or customers is a beautiful way to greet your guests with an individualized hot cup of comfort.

K cups are more cost-effective for businesses who are constantly tossing out old pots just to brew a fresh one. It is more sanitary than traditional pots, easier to clean, and environmentally friendly.

K-Cup Storage

Depending on your model, you will need a variety of K-Cups or Vue cups, which can be stored anywhere and last (almost) forever. Instead of oxygen, which weakens the coffee flavor, Keurig packages its cups with nitrogen, ensuring freshness in every cup.

Once you have more than 15-20 cups, it helps to have an organized solution so they don’t take over your countertop. Any K-cup shelf should display the flavors efficiently so you don’t have to dig around in your drawers first thing in the morning.

Feed your coffee addiction and organize your new obsession with one of our several attractive K-cup storage options.

  • Coffee Storage Solution in DrawerTowers: K Cup towers are probably the most popular way to store your K cups. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials to match the style of your kitchen. Tall or short, they hold exactly what you need exactly where you need it. Whether you keep just a few or several dozen pods on hand at once, a K cup tower is a beautiful solution.
  • Drawers: A variety of drawers are available that sit underneath the machine itself to provide handy storage that is clutter-free. This is a great option for those storing less than 20-30 cups at a time. You can also slide one of our sleek K Cup racks into your drawer to help organize your favorite flavors and set them within reach for the next day.
  • Basket and Jars: If you use only one or two varieties, keep them in a beautiful basket or a cute cookie jar. This is a great way to store your most commonly used K cups, especially if you are looking to store 50 or more pods at a time.
  • Hanging Racks: These work great for under a cabinet or in a cupboard to keep your cups organized and neat, but out of sight when you don’t need them. Perfect for storing several different flavors to grab and go.
    If you’re looking for a space saving option, we recommend our Keurig tray for your coffee pod storage. It is simply the best coffee container on the market today.

The trick is to find the perfect pod storage solution depending on your needs.

Do you tend to choose the same flavor day after day? Do you like to pick something new each morning? Are you sharing with others or are you shopping for yourself?

The best Keurig storage is one that is both useful and beautiful, like our Keurig K Cup Holder! From 6 to 15 slots for K cups, these Keurig K Cup holders displays all your favorite flavors in a sleek and organized fashion.

With endless options at your fingertips, you’ll become your own personal barista in no time and begin to wonder why you ever spent $6 to stand in line for a cup of coffee.

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