5 Tips to Get Through the Holidays with Your House Organized

It is easy to wake up on January 1st and wonder what bomb went off in your home and who is going to clean it up. The holidays are busy and starting to let things slide home organization for a day may not seem like a big deal, but a week or two of not staying organized can turn into chaos for you and your home. Here are five quick tips to get through the

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Are you a declutterer, home organizer, or minimalist?

We seem to have a lot of trendy words when it comes to discussing how to live in harmony with our homes. We could spend five minutes decluttering every day. We could take it a step up and organize our homes, so they run with efficiency. Or we could take the high road and become a minimalist, where you don’t have to worry about clutter or organizing because you have simplified your life to own

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Keurig K Cup Holders: Storage Ideas for Home or Office Use

In more ways than one, Keurig K Cups are a coffee-lover's dream come true.It’s the caffeinated solution for an instant-gratification society. You don’t have to even wait for your water to heat up before enjoying a hot, delicious, personalized, instant cup of your favorite coffee.With over 500 different beverage varieties, it keeps everyone happy all day long. Keeping it organized with Keurig K Cup holders sure helps get through rushed mornings and busy afternoons, too.

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