5 Tips to Get Through the Holidays with Your House Organized

/5 Tips to Get Through the Holidays with Your House Organized

It is easy to wake up on January 1st and wonder what bomb went off in your home and who is going to clean it up.

The holidays are busy and starting to let things slide home organization for a day may not seem like a big deal, but a week or two of not staying organized can turn into chaos for you and your home. Here are five quick tips to get through the rest of the month clutter-free.

Do a Walkthrough
Walkthrough your home today and look at it like you were a first time visitor. Identify the problem areas.

Spend 5 minutes in each spot and see how fast you can get that area much better by putting things away.


If you get your decorations out, go back and look at what never made it out, and then donate or throw out.

If decorations do not come out, they are usually not missed and a sign they are ready to go. If you are going to decorate this week, go through each item and ask if you love it or is it time for you to go.

As much as we love a decorated home, when too many things come out, your house can start to feel chaotic and overwhelming.

Take Five

Each morning and each evening, do another quick walk and spend 5 minutes putting things away.

Most chaos happens when you leave that one dish in the sink or will put that box away tomorrow.

My grandmother used always to tell me, “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Tomorrow will be another day with all new things to deal with then.”

The Bye-Bye Box

For as long as I remember, my son had a bye-bye box appear every December in his room.

For Santa to come this year, one thing had to go each day that he no longer played with. It was his choice, and then I decided what would be donated or thrown away.

We do it in his birthday month, too, and it has helped my son not freak out when things have to go because he had control on what was picked.

Ask for Alternate Gifts

If you do not want three sweaters you won’t wear that you will be keeping and then donating in a few months, ask for what you genuinely want. A smart way to avoid bring clutter into your home is asking for donations in your name to your favorite nonprofit or gifts that help you keep your home organized.

Have your own ideas on how to get through the holidays organized? Leave us a comment.

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